Team of Real Estate Professionals: Sales Representative

Team of Real Estate Professionals

Just like, in case of divorce you would need a good lawyer, to facilitate a real estate transaction you will need a team of professionals to help you navigate through a myriad of regulations and the entire sales process. We are here to help you make your real estate transaction as smooth and stress-free as possible. A sound advice is never free.

Real Estate Representatives: A good sales representative should be able to save you time and stress while buying your home. You can deal with vendor’s real estate agent who has not your interest at heart or you can enlist Tom Witek to work smart on your behalf. There is no charge to you since my commission is paid by the vendor. So you can get my expertise and advice on real estate matters for free. This applies to dealing with construction companies as well. The construction company will pay me just by registering you in their sales office. I can easily guide you through all of the intricacies of the home buying process and make sure that you get a great deal. Look at the wealth of information that you gathered just by reading my real estate pages. I am here to help you buy your next home with me. Please contact Tom Witek at 613-314-1199 or Tom Witek’s Homes Buying System

Builders/Contractors: You may have to deal with builder or contractor when buying a new home. Tow Witek can help you navigate through the complicated home sale process through a builder. I can help you negotiate with the builder and review your agreement of purchase with you. One caveat, I have to come with you to the sales office on the first visit to the builder which will ensure that I get paid for my professional real estate services through the builder’s broker agreement.

Appraisers: If you wish to have an independent appraisal done on a particular property I can recommend a few appraisers to you. We can insert a condition in the offer which will state that your purchase is conditional upon the approval of an appraiser. This will ensure that you obtain an expert second opinion as to the property’s market value.

Mortgage Brokers and Lenders: It is always good practice to engage a mortgage broker for a free consultation. Mortgage broker has the ability to access lenders and interest rates which you may not be aware of. He/She will help you determine the best rates on the mortgage market. I can recommend few mortgage brokers who will take care of your financing needs. The role of the mortgage broker is to find the lender with the terms and rates that will best suit you.

Lawyers: The lawyer will review any contracts and make arrangements for swift closing. I can recommend lawyers who are essential to the real estate transaction.

Home Inspectors: A good inspector will review all essential systems of your home. This is called a comprehensive visual inspection which assesses the condition of the home. It is essential to choose an inspector who is a part of national or provincial association of inspectors.

Insurance Brokers: An insurance broker can provide you with property insurance and mortgage life insurance. Call Tom Witek at 613-314-1199 or email at

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