Ottawa’s First Time Homebuyers

Ottawa homebuyers may experience the task of buying real estate quite daunting when it comes to meeting their particular needs.

My name is Tom Witek, I am a sales representative in Ottawa and my goal is to guide you through the entire process of buying your home. I will ensure that this experience will be stress-free and satisfying for you by balancing out your specific needs, your financial potential and presenting you with up-to-date opportunities in the Ottawa real estate market.

The first task in the home-buying process is to properly assess your needs in terms of:
1. Location or Neighbourhood
2. Style of your home
3. New vs. Resale home
4. Cost and Affordability involved in the purchase

A. Location, Location, Location

Location is one of the most important features of a house that affect its value.
When choosing the right neighbourhood, the factors to consider are:
Your lifestyle
Proximity to specific facilities (recreation, shopping, public transit, etc)
Home and yard maintenance
Size of lot
Distance to work
Maturity of the neighbourhood
Neighbourhood value
Safety and crime characteristics

B. Style of your home

The types of housing in Ottawa that may be of interest you include:

1. Single family home detached – most common type of housing in Ottawa, a free-standing home which sits on its own lot and is occupied by only one family.
2. Semi-detached home – a single family home that is joined to another single family home by a common wall.
3. Duplex home – two units with two municipal addresses, one unit above the other or side by side. The owner may live in one unit and rent the other.
4. Rowhouse or townhomes – one of several single family homes joined by common walls. These can be condominium or freehold units. The term condominium or freehold refers to the form of ownership not the type of housing.
5. Link or carriage home – can be freehold or condominium, and are joined by garages or carports which provide access between the front and rear yards.
6. High-rise condominium – this type of housing refers to a multi-storey residential building containing condominium units.
7. Mobile or manufactured homes – a factory-built and assembled, single family dwelling that is transported to your chosen location and placed on a foundation. This option entails that the homebuyer owns or leases land and constructs a foundation prior to manufactured home delivery.

Typical buyers go through various stages of decision making before they settle their choices and buy their home. Answers to some primary questions such as those listed below will direct your focus towards the right type of property:
Are you starting a family or planning to have more children? How many bedrooms will you need to live comfortably? How many bathrooms will you need? Will a home office be required? What type of heating fuel do you prefer? Is air conditioning an absolute must in your new home? Would you like to buy a house with a fireplace, woodstove, finished basement, garage etc.?

C. New home versus resale home

New home – Among the advantages of buying a new home is the opportunity to upgrade or choose certain items such as flooring, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, finish materials, siding, plumbing and electrical fixtures. This means that your new home will be built according to the latest building code, electrical and energy-efficiency standards will apply.
A builder’s warranty is available through Ontario New Home Warranty Program and must be obtained when buying a new home.
Some of the disadvantages of owning a new home may include: neighbourhood amenities may not be yet completed it he house is in the new development area. As well, for unspecified prolonged time periods, new home owner may encounter problems such as: construction noise, dirt, commercial traffic and unsafe conditions, little to no landscaping or trees.

Resale homes are generally located in established or mature neighbourhoods. Landscaping, mature trees and fencing are usually present. Resale homes may have a swimming pool, or a larger lot with space for potential amenities. Some of the disadvantages of buying a resale home may include: maintenance costs which will likely be higher than for a new home and out dated styles. Before you buy a resale home, you may require a professional home inspector to check for structural problems. You may want to renovate or update this home.

The cost of the home will vary depending on location, type of housing, the type of ownership (condominium versus freehold), the size of the home and the amenities available in the surrounding area.

I can help you navigate through these questions and effectively facilitate the home-buying process and help you focus on your needs during a short meeting session. Please contact me at Main Page Contact: Tom Witek 613-314-1199 or to schedule an appointment at your convenience.

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